Academic Logistics

In order to secure your classes while abroad there are several things students must complete after being accepted into a program. Academics are an essential part of the international education experience when spending a semester, summer, or academic year abroad. It is imperative to plan ahead and incorporate your experience into your degree plan.

This section of our website is designed to help you navigate course credit from study abroad, and how to successfully integrate your study abroad program into your Illinois degree.

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    Ensure you have meet with your advisor

    By meeting with your advisor you can determine before departing what courses fit best into your plan of study.

  2. 2

    Orientation Courses (LAS 291/292)

    After being accepted into your program, students are required to complete cultural course designed to help you get the most our of your program.

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    All students who are participating in a "credit-bearing" program abroad are registered in a University of Illinois "place holder course" for the term they are abroad.

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    Course Approval

    This process allows students to confirm their selection of courses of study prior to departing for their program.

  5. 5

    Course Verification

    This form helps you determine which of the courses you are taking abroad have been approved and which have not.

  6. 6

    Course Credits

    Your study abroad credit can take 8-10 weeks to work through the entire process once we receive your official transcript—assuming that there are no delays due to courses not being approved or fellowship projects not being completed.