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On this page we have brief summaries of the different types of Virtual Global Internships, & Projects you participate in through IPENG. Read further below for descriptions and student testimonials.

Note: All experiences at this time are unpaid

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Spring Semester Application Deadline: November 15th

Summer Semester Application Deadline: February 15th

Fall Semester Application Deadline: June 15th

All the Virtual Global Experiences below are eligible to receive the Engineering Virtual Global Experience Scholarship to help offset costs!

*Note that a requirement of the scholarship students must participate in a course.*

Example final course project by Josh A. in MCB

Virtual Global Internships


Campus b has been offering top-notch international education experiences since 2010. Over 4,000 students from over 80 universities have already been part of our experiential learning programs.

Previously, we have offered a hybrid customized program (virtual + in-person). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international traveling has been a challenging and uncertain for a period of time. For that reason, we present a unique solution: Campus B Virtual International Experience.

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Global Academic Ventures (GAV)

Global Academic Ventures is committed to providing the highest quality of academic and internship programs to enhance each student's experiential learning opportunities.

Between orientation with GAV staff and the start of the project, each student will have an individual virtual introduction with their host company and team to have an initial introduction, briefing on the project, and timeline. This will be arranged through GAV to coordinate a date and time that suits everyone's schedule. At the end of their internship, they must submit a formal report of their work and if requested provide a virtual presentation of their findings for their host company supervisor.

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Sage Corps

In today's world, you can work from anywhere, anytime. And while we are strong believers in the value of global experience, we understand that it's not always feasible. As more companies test and shift to remote work, it becomes an important and invaluable experience for college students to participate in without financial, logistical, or other constraints. In Sage Corps Remote's 12-week program, you can get global work experience throughout the year without leaving your house.

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Find a remote internship abroad and contribute to a meaningful project in South Africa. Acquire invaluable professional experience that represents the future of employment. Discover South Africa's vibrant culture, build your international professional network, and make new friends without needing a passport or a plane ticket!

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Barcelona SAE

Barcelona SAE is proud to announce our NEW virtual internships! Gain practical international experience in your field, build your resumé, and participate in our professional and intercultural internship curriculum…all while staying close to home. You'll walk away with an experience that will truly set you apart in your job search as more and more companies shift towards remote work cultures.

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The Virtual Mojo

The Virtual Mojo is a boutique virtual internship platform, offering placements with unique Indian social enterprises and not for profits focusing on details and quality.

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The Global Learning Collective - United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

The Global Learning Collective is the first truly global consortium of educational organizations that share similar values, offer a personal connection to your in-country host partner, while providing on-the-ground expertise and local access in each region of the globe. Made up of The Asia Institute, Campus b, CEPA, and EDUAFRICA, the Global Learning Collective's mission is to transform students through experiential learning, global education, and localized support in all regions of the world.

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The Positive Impact Internship with Campusb

Campus B is offering the Positive Impact Internship in response to a demand for more opportunities to create a real impact in the world. During the course of the 6-weeks, you and your multi-cultural interdisciplinary team will be in direct contact with the company representatives and will deliver suggestions that can be implemented by the company.

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Virtual Projects

Illinois in Vienna: Projects & Research Opportunities

IiVP is the Illinois in Vienna Program. Virtual projects are professional and research experiences that offer students the opportunity to gain valuable life and career skills through focused projects with alumni, an employer, or a partner organization. Students and organizations collaborate remotely, allowing students to gain global and intercultural competency skills working with organizations worldwide.

Review the IiVP Virtual Project offerings here. Projects are continuously updated.

Greek Studies on Site: Internships & Research Opportunities

Greek Studies on Site is a study abroad program located in Athens, Greece. In addition to study abroad programs, Greek Studies on Site also facilitates internships and research projects with organizations, companies, and faculty in Europe.

Review the Greek Studies on Site Offerings here. Projects are continuously updated.

Virtual Global Student Testimonials

3 things I've learned from my VGE internship

Internship: AFRODAD, the African Forum and Network on Debt and Development, based in Zimbabwe

Provider: VACorps

By Jayne Allen, Chemical Engineering

During my summer break, I had the opportunity to learn more about my country and do an internship with Azul Airlines thanks to the work of the people from Campus B. Even though I spent most of my life in Brazil I was still able to learn a lot about its history, festive, musical and culinary culture through the presentations given by campus b and their partners. Not only did I learn a lot but I also had lots of fun while doing so, and made lots of new friendships, and overall it was an incredible experience.

My internship experience was also an interesting and challenging one as it was my first time ever working on a long-term project while fully online. Before joining the project I had no experience of data management and now I'd say I'm more than decent at it. I also got to make new friends and connections there which is always a great thing, and I'm very thankful for this experience, both with Azul and Campus B.

Pedro Giroto Leite, Aerospace Engineering

Internship Project: Azul Linhas Aéreas thru CampusB, Summer 2020

After signing up for Campus B, I didn't know what to expect considering all the uncertainty with the pandemic. However, I had an amazing experience working with both Campus B and Litro de Luz. Getting to work with a mix of American and Brazilian students, learn about Brazilian culture, learn Portuguese, and have an internship was great. The friendships I made and the amount I learned surpassed my expectations. The faculty both at Campus B and Litro de Luz were receptive and welcoming. While I wish I could have done this in Brazil, I am very thankful for the opportunity that I had.

Emily Julien, Chemical Engineering

Internship Project: Litro de Luz (NGO) thru CampusB, Summer 2020

VACorps was easy to work worth and worked with me to find a placement. The company I worked for had a very relaxed atmosphere and allowed me to be very involved with upper level management. The most valuable skills I have gained is the professional experience in both the industry and the virtual workspace. The experience was worth the cost and I am was offered to continue my work into the spring.

Jonah Tetzeli, Mechanical Engineering,

Internship Project: Astrofika thru VACorps, Summer 2020

How did your virtual internship advance your career goals?

I felt really grateful for the opportunity to work on a project and think about exactly what I wanted to get help with from my mentors. It's very unique—usually as an intern you're just going to be assigned random tasks that don't help you professionally grow and learn a lot. However, with Campus B, I was in an internship position where I could do anything I wanted within urban mobility, which is what I was working on.

They have a company in Brazil that works on electric air taxis. Being able to dedicate a lot of my summer to researching that—what other people are doing and what I think cities should be doing—definitely affirmed that that is something I am very interested in. I feel like I found a niche that I am really interested in, and I'm thankful for that!

Read more from her interview here!

Stephanie Dutra, Aerospace Engineering,

Internship Project: Parque Tecnológico thru CampusB, Summer 2020

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