Exchange Partners

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Interested in Visiting?

The International Programs in Engineering (IPENG) regularly receives visitors to the Grainger College of Engineering and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign every year to network and build partnerships. IPENG strives to build visits for partners according to their interests, connecting them with their counterparts at Illinois, as well as developing sustainable collaborative relationships.

IPENG coordinates visits for exchange partners and research organizations. We ask that if you are interested in scheduling a visit with us that you complete our Visit Request Form at least one month prior to the day of the visit. Upon receiving the request, IPENG will send a follow-up email to confirm details and ensure you have a meaningful and productive visit.

Current IPENG Exchange Partners

Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3)

The College of Engineering is continuously monitoring the undergraduate student international opportunities. Programs can be added or deleted based on activity and need. If you have interest in working with IPENG and the Grainger College of Engineering to establish a new program, please take a look at the criteria/process before moving forward.

Become an Exchange Partner

Criteria for Establishing New Exchange Partner

  • Verify school/location does not already exist. Check the Exchange Partner list
  • Is this a school we should consider being affiliated with? Consider the reputation of the school and the rankings of their engineering departments/
  • How many partners do we currently have in the same country, region, city? Do we need another?
  • Consider current faculty involvement with school. Is there any existing formal relationship/agreement?
  • What is the potential interest of UIUC students? Are courses taught in English?
  • Will the program be open to all engineering areas/departments?
  • Does the program benefit UIUC College of Engineering and our students?

Process to Establish a New Exchange Partner

  • Submit proposal that includes the above information to the Director of International Programs in Engineering.
  • Director will consider proposal and follow-up with a questionnaire requesting specific details about the proposed partner university.
  • If proposal is accepted, the Director will initiate the process to establish an exchange agreement. Faculty will be consulted during agreement negotiations.
  • Once agreement is final, IPENG will create a program application.