Global Classrooms

Looking for more global engagement opportunities that doesn't require travel? Check out our Global Classrooms.

Global classrooms are courses where students can explore and reflect on global problems typically through collaborative projects with local students or communities located elsewhere in the world. Some courses just have a global focus that helps students expand their world view.

Make sure to speak to your academic advisor to ensure a good curriculum fit.

Fall 2021 Global Classrooms

ENG 177 - Global Service Learning

This course is restricted to first time freshman.

Through case studies, interactive projects, and hands-on activities students will learn the fundamentals of service learning and technical skills that will guide them in future project work. In this course students will have a virtual service-learning experience with partners from across the globe working on real projects.

CRN: 73644

ABE 232 - Context in Int'l Interventions (3 credits)

Instructor: Anne Witmer

Credit: cultural studies non-western, social & behavioral social science

Good for: Engineers interested in working in a global setting

CRN: 75460

ABE 452 - Engineering for Disaster Resilience (3 or 4 credits)

Instructor: Luis Rodriguez

Credit: technical credit depending on the department

Good for: Engineers interested in working in a global setting

CRN: 75570

ABE 498 - Problems in the Critical Zone (2 credits)

Instructor: Jorge Alberto Guzman Jaimes

Credit: technical credit depending on the department

Good for: CEE student and those interested in water quality issues

CRN: 75365

CHEM 104 - General Chemistry II (3 credits)

Instructor: Jose Andino Martinez

Credit: chemistry credit

Good for: ChemE & BioE students

CRN: 75432

GER 101 - Beginning German I (4 credits)

Instructor: C. Webster

Credit: language credit

Good for: Engineers interested in working in a global setting

CRN 37585

HDFS 398 - Child Health in South Africa (3 credits)

Instructor: Jan Brooks

Credit: elective

Good for: BioE & pre-med students

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CRN: 74722

IS 390 - Consulting Info Professionals (3 credits)

Instructor: Yoo-Seong Song

Credit: elective

Good for: PREP students, undeclared students, & some CS students

*note currently restricted, check course catalog*

CRN: 75101

UP 160 - Race, Social Justice and Cities (3 credits)

Instructor: Ken Salo

Credit: Cultural Studies - US Minority

Good for: CEE students and all other ENGR students

CRN: 75442