Short-Term Programs

Energy Systems: NPRE 201

Engineering at Illinois

University of Illinois College of Engineering would like to invite you to study this fall for 5 weeks at the world famous University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The University of Illinois is consistently ranked as one of the top public universities in the United States and in the world, and the University of Illinois College of Engineering also proudly boasts fifteen top 5-ranked degree programs.

Here is an outstanding opportunity for you to study at our campus for 5 weeks, experience the teaching methods of U.S. higher education faculty, and complete 2 courses; Energy Systems: NPRE 201 and an English language course. You will also learn, first-hand, about the academic life and culture at an American university campus.

The University of Illinois is situated in the middle of a vibrant community, rich in culture, with plenty of activities suitable to your interests. Please use the following link to access more detailed information about our campus and community:

Program Overview

Classroom Study: Each course includes 30 hours of instruction, delivered in 2-hour afternoon and evening class segments. University of Illinois students will also have the opportunity to be in the NPRE 201 course. The instructors will encourage and lead students through discussions of complex and constantly evolving energy landscape. Classes will culminate with a final exam. All classes will be in English. Certificates will be awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Energy Systems NPRE 201: This course provides an introduction to patterns of energy production, distribution, storage and utilization. In addition to discussing the role that various forms of energy play in global and local politics, this course also covers technical aspects of renewable energy resources (solar, wind, geo, hydro ...), advanced fossil fuel systems, and advanced nuclear systems.

English language: The English Course is designed to help students in two aspects of language. The first is cultural awareness and appropriateness in oral communication at the university. The second is support and assistance in completion of the written and oral assignments required in the NPRE course. The English course will meet for two hours each day that the NPRE course meets for the duration of the 5-week program. *Students from English speaking countries are not required to take the English course.*

Cultural & Technical Visits: International Programs in Engineering staff will plan cultural events and faculty will accompany the group on technical field trips related to the course. Past trips have included: a canoe trip at a local state park and technical site visits to Fermi Lab, Argonne, and Clinton.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 prices and dates could fluctuate*

UIUC-TU Wien 5-Week Research Internship Program

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: For the fall of 2020, the UIUC-TU Wien Research Internship program is an opportunity for international undergraduate students from TU Wien with specialization in Computing. Students who are interested in research and curious about graduate studies at University of Illinois in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science will benefit most from this opportunity. Students will have the opportunity to conduct research under the mentorship of UIUC research staff and faculty. Students will be involved in the day to day life of a research lab and get to take part in all aspects of research. They will also enjoy opportunities to socialize with exchange students, and graduate students within the labs as well as explore UIUC campus life during the first 5 weeks of the semester.

PROGRAM DATES: August 19, 2020- September 26, 2020

Project Information can be found on the application brochure page.

COST: TU WIEN students are responsible for their travel cost to UIUC, campus student fees, housing, and health insurance. Student fees including health insurance and housing will be billed to the student directly by UIUC. (Housing is pre-arranged for students).

PROGRAM DEADLINE: The deadline for applications is March 15th. Notification of acceptance will be sent by May 15th.

TO APPLY: Please contact Prof. Ulrich Schmid at

  • Official transcript (PDF format)
  • Name and email of a faculty reference (someone you have done research with or taken a course from). UIUC will contact the reference on your behalf.
  • Ranking of UIUC projects you are most interested in.
  • Personal Statement which includes:
  • Description of your research interests
    • Describe your prior research experience (including any research publications)
    • Describe any other relevant background related to your research preparedness.
    • If interested in pursuing graduate studies at Illinois, say why you think this would be a good fit.
UIUC-TU Wien 5-Week Research Internship Program