Global Engineering Ambassadors

Join us for our second cohort in Spring 2022!

Global Engineering Ambassadors are a diverse group of Grainger Engineering students who have studied abroad, participated in an international service learning or research project, or who are passionate about being a global citizen. Sponsored by International Programs in Engineering (IPENG,) Global Engineering Ambassadors help promote meaningful exchanges between fellow Grainger Engineering students and students from around the world.

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Global Engineering Ambassadors must be culturally aware, interested in global engagements, passionate about developing and helping others develop cultural competencies, and willing to promote understanding around diversity and inclusion in the international setting.

Apply By: Spring 2022 App Deadline TBA


Becoming a Global Engineering Ambassador is a competitive process. Interested students must apply, provide a resume, and interview for the position.

Must commit to 2 semesters of service (including a second 8 week course during the spring and a first 8 week course in the fall)
Participate in or lead a minimum of 4 events per semester
Be available the week prior to class in the Fall to participate in the incoming exchange student orientation

Meet our Spring 2021 & Fall 2021 Global Engineering Ambassadors!

Rose Carroll

Junior in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

I am junior in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Chicago. I studied abroad at Universidad Pontificia Comillas - ICAI in Madrid Spain in the spring 2020. I am participating in GEA because I want to meet people from new cultures and learn from them. I had an incredible experience during my study abroad before COVID-19 hit, and I want to ensure that exchange students have a great experience as well.

Geitanksha Tandon

Freshman in Computer Engineering.

I have not studied abroad before; since I am an international student I consider studying in the United States a study abroad experience of its own. However, if I were given the opportunity, I would love to study abroad in France, Europe. I have always wanted to learn French and immerse myself in their culture, and so it would be a beautiful place to get a hold of this language. In addition, there are several opportunities for engineers to form connections due to the vast technological expertise France offers, with high rates for success.

Being a Grainger Engineering student is something a lot of Illini take pride in, and it is due to the high quality of education that UofI provides. This expertise, coupled with a lot of passion for engineering and creativity is one of the main reasons I chose to take part in GEA. This program assists me in immersing myself in a university so enriched with cultural diversity. By integrating us with people from different cultures, crafting plans to assist their smooth transition, this program assists me in becoming a Global Citizen which is beneficial for me as a person.

Satyansh Yeluri

Freshman in Computer Engineering

I was born in Oklahoma, but have moved around a lot and did high school in Saudi Arabia. I would like to go to South America to experience their culture, tradition, and landscapes. I chose to participate in GEA in order to meet new people from around the world and learn about new traditions while also sharing my experiences and culture.

Giulia Barbieri

Senior in Civil and Environmental Engineering

I am from Champaign, IL and studied abroad my sophomore year in Nagoya, Japan. I wanted to become a GEA because I loved my study abroad experience and when I returned to the US I also had the opportunity to become close with some exchange students. As a GEA, I want to help incoming exchange students have the best experience in the US that they can by introducing them to different parts of American culture and life at UIUC. I hope to also prioritize international experiences in my future and wanted to better learn how to effectively integrate in different cultural settings.

Grace Bailey

Junior in Materials Science and Engineering

I am from Monticello, IL and studies abroad during Spring  2020 at the University College of Dublin in Ireland. I chose to participate in GEA in order to build upon my skills as a global citizen and to continue improving my cultural competency. I also want to assist incoming international students and outgoing UIUC students in their study abroad journey so they have as smooth as a transition as possible.

Arnav Sethi

Freshman in Eningeering

I am from New Delhi, India and while I haven't studied abroad I I have done a VSL project. The project was centered around learning about Bolivian Cultures and then ultimately partnering with a Bolivian NGO. I am open to studying abroad anywhere. I would be delighted to be exposed to any different culture. 7. I chose to participate in GEA as I believe engineering has no boundaries. I also find the influence of cultures in creating solutions very fascinating. For me it is interesting to see how different people can come up with multiple solutions for one single problem.

Isabella Moughal

Freshman in Engineering

I am from Chicago, IL. I haven’t had the opportunity to study abroad but If I’d be able to in the future one of the places that I would love to go to would be Spain. I would love to go to Spain so that I’d be able to practice my Spanish and so I’d be able to fully immerse myself in the culture. I chose to participate in Global Engineering Ambassadors because I want to help International students feel at home here at the University of Illinois. Apart from that I wanted to become more educated on the global aspect of engineering.

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