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Photo Credit: Tiffany Bu

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You can fit an international experience into your Engineering schedule. There is a wide array of opportunities from studying, interning, researching, or volunteering abroad to on-campus activities such pursuing an International Minor or participating in Global Engineering Ambassadors.

Being a global engineering is invaluable! Employers seek job applicants with international experiences and intercultural skills. These experiences can be a deciding factor in selecting new employees.

Featured Photo Contest Photos

These photos are a few of the favorites submitted by students for the 2018 and 2019 IPENG photo contests.

Photo Contest 2018 Winner: J. Lewis, Civil ENG, Engineering EWB: Nepal

Photo Credit: D. Atwater, NPRE, Engineering: Summer in Japan-Kyushu [x-FU(s)ION]
Photo Credit: G. Avellar, ENG Physics, DTU
Photo Credit: A. Kamboj, ECE, Engineering in Switzerland
2018 Photo Contest Winner: E. Mejia, MechE, Engineering in Sweden - Stockholm
Photo Credit: C. Lundtviet, ECE, Engineering in Ireland
Photo Credit: S. Luo, Comp ENG, Engineering in Sweden