Health & Safety

Photo Credit: B. Yang, MechE, Engineering: Summer in Singapore

Important Considerations:

  • The McKinley Health Center provides travel consults as a resource to university students. Information about this is within their Immunization, Allergy & Travel Clinic.
  • It's important to note that pharmacology, legality, and doses of medicine may be different abroad, even with common over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen. Consult with your doctor, your pharmacy, or Gallagher (the Illinois International Insurance provider explained below) before you leave. With these resources, create a plan for routine medication and care continuation.
  • Many universities and/or providers abroad have health services built into their student life offerings. Become familiar with these, as well as where local clinics and hospitals are.
  • If you have a DRES accommodation, speak with your DRES advisor immediately and disclose to IPENG if you are comfortable, so that IPENG can advocate for you to the host institution.

Safety + Security

About International Safety and Security

Housed within Illinois International and reporting to the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Global Strategies, International Safety + Security supports all students, faculty, and staff when traveling internationally on University programs or for University business.

Learn more about the emergency contact resources, travel policies, international insurance, safety and wellness tips, and view updates and alerts by visiting the International Safety + Security website.

The Emergency Contact Number (217-333-1216) is a 24-hour response line for student, faculty, and staff members abroad. The number first directs callers to the University of Illinois Police Department (UIPD), who then forwards the call to the Office of International Safety and Security.

The U.S. Department of State provides a list of 911 equivalent phone numbers for countries around the world.

Andrew Collum

Associate Director for International Safety + Security

Rachael Dean

Coordinator for International Safety + Security