IPENG Advising

Study Abroad advising sessions help the student in planning and managing their experience abroad. The focus of the advising session is future oriented where students are in the driver's seat. The advisor will ask lots of questions to help the student develop a manageable action plan. To ease the feeling of being overwhelmed, the meetings will be about 20 minutes in length. A student is allowed to meet with an advisor multiple times as long as the student is meeting the action steps they set.

Please note our advisors each have a regional or program specialty, but all can help you navigate study abroad. If you have a specific question regarding a specific program it may be best to meet with that advisor. Click here to see what each IPENG advisor specializes in.

Schedule an appointment

How to Schedule an Advising Appointment

1. Visit IPENG's Microsoft Bookings Page

2. Select either the date you would like to make an appointment OR select the advisor to see availability.

3. Once you have done this, please complete the required information.

4. When done, select Book (in orange).

5. You will receive a confirmation email.

Please note that a Zoom link will be provided for you to use if you request a virtual meeting. If you request an in-person appointment and change your mind, you will need to let the advisor know in advance.

Have a question about a specific program? Check out each advisor's advising specialty to get the best help on our Meet the Staff page.

Advising Practices: In the International Programs in Engineering (IPENG) office we are committed to providing high-quality advising and resources to all students. IPENG's advising practices are based on the Forum Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. IPENG approaches advising as a collaborative process, in which students are responsible for being active, reflective, and educated participant in their study abroad experience. IPENG provides professional, inclusive guidance and resources through the entirety of the student's study abroad experience. Study abroad is open to all engineering students as well as related curriculums. Students in Chemical Engineering and CS+ x curriculums can use IPENG even though their degree is not conferred by the College of Engineering. Students in Agricultural and Biological Engineering may use IPENG prior to transferring from the College of ACES (ie. in their freshman and sophomore years). In addition to IPENG, the campus study abroad office also provides study abroad advising and programs, especially for those engineering students considering seeking a language immersion experience or to earn a campus-approved minor.

Contact Info:

International Programs in Engineering is location in 3300 Digital Computer Laboratory (across from Grainger Library) as a part of Access point.

Address: 1304 West Springfield Ave. Urbana, IL 61801

Phone Numbers:

  • Office- (217)244-0054
  • + 24/7 Emergency Line- (217) 333-1213

Email: ipeng@illinois.edu