RSO Program Proposal for International Travel

This page is to provide guideline support to Grainger College of Engineering RSO students seeking to participate in international travel.

If at any time you have any questions regarding the application please email IPENG at with RSO Program Proposal in the subject line.

RSO Program Proposal Deadlines for International Travel

*Note: All deadlines end at 11:59pm CST of that day and apply to the materials in the application*

Travel Dates Spring Break Travel Summer (Any) Travel Winter Break Travel
IPENG Advising Session Completed By: September 1st October 15th May 1st
Orange Phase Due: September 1st October 15th May 1st
Grainger Engineering Travel Scholarship Due: Septemeber 15th/February 15th February 15th September 15th
Blue Phase Due: December 15th February 15th October 15th
Pre-Departure Orientation: Arranged based on availability Arranged based on availability Arranged based on availability
Illini Phase: February 15th March 15th October 15th

Quick Links:

RSO's Abroad Workshop

Learn about the travel planning process, including updates to the proposal process, trip planning, and funding resources

Scholarships for students traveling with RSO's

In order to be eligible for the Engineering (IPENG) Travel Scholarship, students must be enrolled in a pre-departure course. Interested students should email IPENG at with subject line "RSO scholarship" to find out more details.

The Registered Student Organization Program Proposal involves three phases below. The Orange & Blue phases should be completed by one designated person within the RSO. The Illini Phase will have to be completed by every student traveling. Each phase has a different due date and allows for program materials to be updated as needed.

"Orange Phase"

The Orange Phase focuses on the purpose and anticipated impact of the travel and includes the following elements under "Application Questionnaire's" to be submitted via TDS by a student leader (preferably the proposed travel leader) before the established deadline.

  • Advisor Recommendation Form
  • Brief Project Proposal
  • Brochure Page Information
  • Health and Safety
  • IPENG Advising Session

"Blue Phase"

The Blue Phase focuses on specific technical and health and safety aspects of the travel and includes the following elements in "Questionnaire's for Risk Management", "Assessments for Risk Management Programs", and "Learning Content for Risk Management" to be submitted via TDS by the same proposal applicant before the established deadline.

  • Updated In-Depth Proposal
  • Program Leader Information
  • RSO International Travel Reporting Form
  • Travel Logistics Survey
  • Student Pre-Departure Assessments
  • Risk Management Learning Content (videos)

"Illini Phase"

Upon approval of the proposal by IPENG, each traveler enters the Illini Phase, focusing on gathering information to enroll each traveler in the international insurance, the State Department’s Travel Registry, if applicable, and departure workshops/classes. Additionally, this is when students should apply for visas or necessary travel paperwork. The student representative is responsible for following up with each traveler to ensure attendance at required workshops and completion of TDS requirements before the established deadline.

How to Move Thru the Phases:

  1. Confirm your RSO's registration status to ensure you are recognized.
  2. Select the student, known as the program lead, who will be responsible for filling out the Program Proposal application and communicating information with the rest of your RSO.
  3. Attend the RSO's Abroad Workshop to learn more about planning a trip, preparing for travel, and funding resources.
  4. Submit the Orange Phase proposal requirements (Travel team needs to start application available at the bottom of this page) by the dates listed in the table below.The goal of the Orange Phase is for your organization to determine the purpose of your travel and to start thinking about logistics. This is when you will have the opportunity to discuss logistics and any questions during the IPENG advising session.
  5. Complete the Blue Phase proposal requirements (Additional tasks in the application will become available to you based on successful completion of Orange Phase) by the dates listed in the table above.
    1. Finalize the technical, logistical, health, and safety details of your organization’s international experience. Await approval by IPENG.
  6. Await approval by the International Programs in Engineering Office (IPENG) and International Safety & Securty (ISS). You should receive an email.
    1. Complete any final requests by IPENG and/or ISS to secure approval.
    2. Notify the committee of any proposal changes. Resubmit materials for approval, if necessary.
  7. All students traveling attend the Pre-Departure Orientation meeting (coordinated with IPENG).
  8. Complete the Illini Phase requirements by the dates listed in the below table.

If at any time you have trouble or questions about the application, please email IPENG at with "RSO Program Proposal" in the subject line.

Please Note: If your organization does not complete the international travel process within the timeline noted above OR a modified and approved timeline, IPENG and ISS reserve the right to remove all support for the trip and issue a letter stating as such to the organization president and advisor.

Helpful Resources:

UIUC International Safety & Security COVID-19 Blog

Travel and study abroad are two areas of university life and campus operations that have been dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is the latest travel and study abroad related guidance for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

UIUC International Safety & Security RSO Policies

Although Registered Student Organization (RSO) trips are not official University activities, University policy establishes requirements for RSO travel abroad.

U.S. Department of State

The Department of State has both information about the country you may wish to travel to and a constantly monitored and updated travel advisory which may help in planning your RSO travel.

University YMCA Bailey Scholarships

Engineering students traveling with RSO's are eligible to apply to the Bailey Scholarship through the University YMCA. Reach out to the University YMCA directly for more information.