Religious Diversity Abroad

Religion is an integral aspect of many cultures and communities around the world. In fact, learning about a country's religions is an opportunity to learn more about its history and culture.

Depending on your host country, religion may play a small or large role in the day-to-day lives of its citizens. Researching your host country's religious practices, tolerance towards other religions, and how those who share your faith practice their religion is a great way to be informed about what you may experience abroad.

Questions to Consider, Tips, & Resources

  • Questions to Consider

    • How might my experience with religion abroad differ from my experience in the United States?
    • What is the dominant religion in my host country? What is the degree of religious tolerance in my host country?
    • Will I be part of a religious majority or minority while abroad?
    • Are there any laws regarding religion? Is there a separation between religion and government?
    • Is it safe for me to wear religious symbols and/or clothing?
    • How are atheists and agnostics perceived in the host country?
    • Are there laws regarding religion (for example, proselytizing Christianity is banned under Chinese law)?
  • Tips

    • As a visitor in your host country, be open-minded and respectful of their religious practices.
    • Research attitudes towards different religions and find resources if you are planning to practice your religion abroad.
    • If there are any dietary considerations that may require accommodation, be sure to let your program director or appropriate state know ahead of time.
  • Resources