Academic Resources


This page centralizes available resources for SHPE members and is designed to support students in their academic endeavors. Be sure to check the website often as it regularly updates with new resources :)


SHPE Study Hours

Weekly Study Hours for SHPE members on Zoom!

Reoccuring Event, Studying, Community
SHPE Discord Link in the website menu above. Classes, Studying, Community


Online tutoring and peer advising.

Tutoring, Advising, Virtual

OMSA Resources

List of resources from the Office of Minority Student Affairs, including tutoring! Note: Updates regularly!

Transitioning Online, Tutoring
CITL Resources The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning's resources. Note: Updates regularly! Workshops, Transitioning Online, Planning, Mental Health
Study Spaces Classrooms available for students after Fall Break. Studying, Focus
Need to Talk? Custom Google Doc of people/resources to reach out to <3 Work in Progress though. Mental Health, Community
Relaxation Exercises From McKinley Health Center. Mental Health
Stress Management Information about programs, exercises, and free packs that the University offers. Mental Health
College Spreadsheet Customizable Google Sheet for planning out your academics. Planning, Classes, Registration, Academic Director's Seal of Approval
GPA of Every Course Section Find out the GPA distribution of sections for any course at UIUC. Registration, Classes
SHPE Academic Database Find classes members have currently and previously taken. Community, Classes, Planning, Study Files
Study Buddies Form Connect with fellow SHPE students and help document the classes you've taken by filling out this form :) Form, Classes
MEP Spring 2021 Course Networking Fill out your upcoming courses for the Spring semester and connect with other MEP students! Form
Pomodoro Technique A task-based technique to boost your productivity. Studying, Focus
SHPE "Prepare for Finals" Contest Submissions Contest that helps members share their best studying practices for finals. Form, Studying
Transferology Helps students explore their college transfer options. Especially useful for community college classes. Classes, Planning, Registration
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