CARE Offers Online Tutoring & Peer Advising

The CARE team is committed to finding ways to work together, learn together, and support each other!

Available 7 days a week!  Last day of Tutoring & Peer Advising will be Wed, May 5.

Topics for appointments:

The courses offered for tutoring are for those which students typically take in their first 4 semesters. Peer advising topics including (but not limited to) study skills, time management, test-taking and other topics on the peer advising page.

We will do our best to accommodate students online the same way we would in person.  Use the tutoring schedule by course to sign-into the queue at a time when there is a tutor on duty who can help with your specific course.

Schedule by course

Schedule by program skill

Consider creating a zoom account and add the APP to the device(s) you use for sessions or ease of joining a session.

Logging in Step-by-Step to work with a tutor:
  1. Add yourself to the "CARE online tutoring & peer advising" queue
  2. After you are added to the queue, use the zoom link in the queue message to join the session.  You will be directed to the main room to work independently or with other students in the space until the tutor notifies you it is your turn.
  3. When it is your turn in the queue, the tutor will let you know which breakout room to start your tutoring session.
  4. Questions can be directed to,

If you are only using the zoom session as a "study space", you are welcome to join the zoom session and not add yourself to the queue.  You can add yourself to the queue anytime if you should have questions.