Upper Class Requirements

To obtain certification for being a James Scholar student in your upper class years (sophomore through senior), you must:

  • Sophomores:
    • Meet with your departmental James Scholar adviser to discuss, create, and submit an Honors Contract. MechSE students may submit it without meeting their adviser.
    • Maintain a 3.5 UIUC GPA.
    • Take at least one course in support of your Honors Contract per academic year (fall or spring semesters only) until the Contract is fulfilled. You may take one honors course or complete an Honors Credit Learning Agreement (HCLA) instead.
    • Submit a detailed Semester Plan every fall and spring semester including your final undergraduate semester through the student James Scholar Portal.
    • Satisfy additional James Scholar requirements specific to your department (ECE and CS have special requirements); contact your department for details.
    • If Honors Contract activities or coursework are completed early: in any subsequent academic year (not calendar year), you must complete an honors course or an HCLA in order to be certified, and receive the James Scholar mention on transcripts for that year. (Add your HCLA request in your semester plan by the 30th day of classes).
  • Transfer students: You are allowed to submit your Honors Contract no later than your second semester in The Grainger College of Engineering.

If Honors Contract activities or coursework are not completed upon graduation, James Scholars will not be eligible to graduate with the James Scholar distinction.