First-Year Student Requirements

First-Year Student requirements apply to all first-time undergraduate students, regardless of academic standing from AP or IB credits, with the exception of transfer students. To obtain certification for being a James Scholar student in your first year, you must:

  • Attain a 3.50 UIUC GPA in the fall semester of your first year.
  • Submit a Semester Plan each fall and spring semester through the James Scholar Portal until graduation.

In addition to the above, one of the following activities must be completed before the end of the spring semester:

  • Honors section of any course. The course description should have "Honors" in the title (i.e. Honors Project or Honors Seminar), or be a designated Campus Honors Program (CHP) course.
  • Honors Credit Learning Agreement (HCLA) for graded courses of at least one credit hour.  Pass/fail courses may not be used for honors recognition. Complete the HCLA form by the 30th day of classes, and make sure your instructor approves it.

Students completing the above requirements before entering the James Scholar Program will be accepted only for the first year, contingent on outlining their completed requirements in their application and being admitted into the program.