Engineering departments have partnerships with universities abroad and offer research opportunities for undergraduate students.


Summer Research through the International Programs in Engineering (IPENG)

IPENG provides international engineering research abroad opportunities to engineering students within the College of Engineering at Urbana-Champaign. These opportunities are offered in the summer, fall, or spring semesters. ALL Research is reviewed by the respective chief department advisors upon return to campus to determine if a student will receive technical credit.


Summer Research Abroad

Most of the research abroad opportunities occur during the summer semester. Search for opportunities here.

Fall/Spring Research Abroad

The International Research Experience Program (IREP) in Germany is the one program that occurs during the fall or spring semester. Learn about this opportunity here.


Global Research Scholars

Global Research Scholars (GRS) is a unique, research-intensive study abroad program designed for talented undergraduate students of all engineering majors. The program combines a study abroad experience with the opportunity to join a research team abroad at an IPENG partner school. GRS participants receive a scholarship and present their research findings in the fall at the International Research Symposium that is part of the Engineering Research Fair.

  • École Centrale de Lille in Lille, France

    Spend the summer researching in Lille, France. This program is designed for first and second year students to gain first hand international engineering research experience. Work full-time mentored immersion in one of the labs, supervised by Centrale Lille faculty and researchers. Instructed fully in English.

  • City University Hong Kong (CityU) in Hong Kong

    Students who wish to study at City University of Hong Kong will find it to be in a unique and interesting location in the southern part of China. Apart from research experience, outside classroom workshops including cultural activities and industrial visits give participants a brief understanding of industrial establishments in Hong Kong as well as a taste of Chinese culture.

  • The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland

    The EPFL Research Internship Program offers internships in labs from all Schools at EPFL to outstanding students from the program's partner universities. Gain experience in a cutting-edge lab and boost your career prospects. Work with first-rate researchers while immersing yourself in a new culture.

  • National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan

    The Summer Program for Laboratory Research and Culture provides students with the opportunity to participate in laboratory research in National Taiwan University's modern, well-equipped laboratories. This research without borders concept, along with Exploring Taiwan courses, gives students a broad and well-rounded summer experience.

  • National University of Singapore (NUS) in Singapore

    Develop your research skills and find what's at the cutting edge in engineering and technology in Singapore. Learn from faculty and researchers, who are experts in their field, in a different culture and environment. Discover all that the NUS labs have to offer. Expand your knowledge to include the rich and diverse culture that is Singapore.

  • Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH) in Pohang, South Korea

    POSTECH Summer Program (PSP) is a great opportunity for students who seek firsthand research experience. Individual research and Korean cultural program will allow students to explore the academic field of their interest and the unique Korean culture & language. Students are invited to various cultural activities each week such as experiencing modern and traditional Korean Cultures and a visit to the summer festival.

    If you are interested in teaching English in a special program during the summer term, students may participate in the Campus English Program as a Group Leader in conjunction with the research program. Let your IPENG advior know if you are interested.

  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Students can take a variety of courses during the summer or conduct research with studemts from Demark Technical University. This program offers three terms during the summer (June, July, & August) in which students would take one course per term. Students can participate in one term, two terms or all three terms.

  • Universidad Pontifica Comillas (UPC) in Madrid, Spain

    The College of Engineering summer program at Universidad Pontificia Comillas gives students the flexibility to either take courses and do research or just do research for 8 weeks. Students may also add a Language/Culture course or a Sustainability course to their experience.

  • Technischen Universitat Darmstadt (TUD) in Darmstadt, Germany

    TUD is one of Germany’s leading technical universities. Its professors, employees and students devote their talents and best efforts to the significant future research fields such as cybersecurity, internet and digitalisation, matter and radiation science, thermo-fluids and interfaces, future energy systems and processes from material to product innovation. The wide variety of disciplines represented are all focused on technology, as viewed from the vantage point of engineering, the natural sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences, and cover the full range of academic endeavor, from the origination of basic concepts to practical, everyday applications.