The entire team was onboarded to TinkerCAD, where we began by working through a programmable circuit tutorial.

Stoplight Simulator

Teams of 4-5 worked to create a functioning stoplight system utilizing sensors and LEDs.


Introduction to Software

Members were introduced to Onshape, a product development platform optimized for efficient 3D CAD design.

Hands-On Experience

Each member worked alongside Alex, the workshop leader, to create a 3D part based off dimension specs and a design overview.

Professional Development

Resume Tips & LinkedIn Overview

Discussion of the importance of formatting, how to make achievements stand out, and an emphasis on action words. The i-MADE team discussed how to strengthen your personal brand with a sharp LinkedIn profile.

Interview Preparation

Advice on preparing for interviews - enabling the candidate to stand out as a leader, problem-solver, and team-player.


Open Source Electronics Introduction

Introduced to hardware platforms Arduino and Raspberry Pi, gaining insight on their functionalities and applications.

Supplementary Breadboarding Work

Created a circuit on the breadboard containing light and heat sensors. The LEDs on the board lighten and dim based off of the data received by the sensors.

Arduino Code Implentation

Connected the Arduino to the breadboard and wrote a short code snippet that incorporated the logic for the sensors, controlling how the LEDs would react.


Software Introduction

Reviewed large repository of designed projects and parts, and later followed tutorial for CAD basics

Miniature Train

Those with previous CAD experience were able to design individual parts of a train and construct them together