Soft Robotics Catheter (Ongoing)

To show proof of concept that soft robotics can be used to control flow rate of cerebrospinal fluid by constricting and expanding at a doctor's request to treat hydrocephalus

Urinalysis (Ongoing)

To show proof of concept for an all in one automated urine analysis system that applies spectroscopy and microscopic imaging for biomarker analysis

IV Simulator

The IV Simulator project is working to develop an affordable and reusable IV simulator for medical training. We are seeking to design a wearable trainer for IV insertion with realistic user feedback including blood flashback.

Reusable IV bag

We are working on creating a reusable IV bag that can be spiked multiple times for simulation use. The main goal is to prevent air bubbles from forming and entering the patients blood stream as this can be fatal.

Smart Balance Board

The Smart Balance Board project is working on creating a balance board capable of providing patients and physical therapists with feedback to help with ankle therapy. The patient should receive instant feedback and the therapist should be able to indicate desired angles/positions remotely.

Gun Violence Game

Students are building a game application that helps those with violent tendencies heal their past traumas and reinforce positive behaviours

Mask Illinois

A mask exchange platform designed for users with excess masks to donate/sell their masks to people in need of masks

Health Maker Lab Mobile App

Using Google's Flutter to build a cross platform mobile application to support widespread advertisement of UIUC Health Maker Lab and Health Make-a-Thon

Cole's Wheelchair Tray

Our group is working with a family in the Champaign-Urbana community to design a more functional, portable solution for the son's wheelchair tray. We are utilizing 3D CAD skills and materials science knowledge in order to create a product that better assists our client's everyday needs.


The GIBuddy project is building a portable breathalyzer-like device that detects hydrogen in the breath to test for small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Knee Brace for CCL Insufficiency

Students are utilizing both 3D cad and 3D printing skills to design two knee braces for a 1.5 year-old dog with two CCL tears as a cheaper alternative to surgery.

Reddit SuicideWatch

The Reddit Tool team is utilizing natural language processing algorithms on the mental health forum r/SuicideWatch. The goal is to provide first responders with an automated breakdown of risk factors identified in suicidal posts to the forum, as well as recommended response strategies to help provide better support to those afflicted with suicidal ideation.

Dog Brace

Creating a brace for a dog with torn CCL's.


The goal is to create an Apple watch application that monitors vitals and detects signs of sepsis

3D Printed Prosthetics

Designing affordable 3D printed prosthetic fingers catered to amputees in low resource communities.

Cerebral Embolism

To design a device that prevents strokes after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement procedure