EMBARK is a three-day early move-in experience. During this time you will get a head start on your transition to collegiate life while getting acclimated to campus and meeting new friends!

Innovate and Inspire

Join us for an exciting three-day experience tailored for you! Connect with peers, enhance your knowledge, all while creating unforgettable memories on this part of your journey!

Group Up & Connect

Join us in engaging events where you'll meet new people, compete in an exciting design project, and discover more about yourself through creative challenges and teamwork!

Keynote Speaker: Silvia Perez

Experience an inspiring keynote address where you'll gain valuable insights, motivation, and actionable strategies for personal and professional growth.

Discover Your Campus Resources

Uncover campus resources essential for your college journey! From academic support to student services, learn how to make the most of your campus!

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There is a limited capacity for EMBARK. A wait-list is generated once we reach that limit.

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Meet the Volunteers

EMBARK volunteers are active participants of MEP programs who have benefited so much that they share their time to make sure new students have a similar (or better!) experience.

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