EMBARK is our early move-in program for students underrepresented in Engineering. During this three-day event, you will get a head start on your new collegiate journey. Plus, you’ll get to move in before most of campus!

Benefits of Attending

  • Build community with students of color.
  • Make friends with incoming engineering students.
  • Meet with departmental representatives.
  • Create relationships with college advisors.
  • Attend fun social activities.
  • Avoid the rush of move-in!
  • Free t-shirt!

Important Dates & Registration

EMBARK is scheduled for August 14 – 16, 2022.

The registration deadline is July 22, 2022.

Please contact MEP@engineering.illinois.edu with any questions.

Early Move-In

EMBARK is available for no cost to all students who sign up before the registration deadline and fully participate with the program. This includes meals, housing, and activities throughout the EMBARK program. You also receive a cool t-shirt! MEP will work with housing to early move-in charges.


EMABRK starts at 4 PM sharp on Sunday August 14th 2022. The detailed schedule will be available upon arrival. Participants are expected to fully participate with EMBARK from Sunday afternoon through the last activity on Tuesday afternoon (approx. 1pm).

Meet your mentors!


Who organizes EMBARK?

EMBARK is organized by the Morrill Engineering Program (MEP). EMBARK mentors are past participants of EMBARK who have benefited from the program so much that they wanted to get involved to make sure that first-year students after them have a similar (or better!) experience.

Who can attend EMBARK?

Students supported by the MEP program are invited to participate. These include underrepresented minority students admitted to Grainger Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

What do freshmen do at EMBARK?

The EMBARK program includes team-building, academic awareness, and networking activities with other students, advising staff, and corporate partners.

Can I participate in other activities while EMBARK is in session?

No. We find that this becomes disruptive since EMBARK has a design challenge that requires full participation from students. Note: You must attend all EMBARK activities to be credited for the early move-in costs.

When exactly can I move in?

You can move in any time after 9:00 AM on Sunday, August 14th. The EMBARK program begins at 4:00pm. Please arrange for shopping, meals, and other plans to conclude before this time.

Does my dorm know that I’m moving in early?

University Housing is prepared for any student to move in early, so they will not be surprised if you arrive early. They will tell you that you will be charged for your move-in, and you should know that MEP will be covering that cost. Names of students who register for camp prior to July 22nd will be given to campus housing as well as private certified housing. We recommend calling your dorm’s front desk before August 6th to confirm that you will be arriving on August 14th. This can help you ensure that your room will be ready, keys will be available, and housing staff can show you what you need to do! General details about Early Arrival are found here: https://housing.illinois.edu/Tools/move-in-2022/early-arrival

I will live in a private, certified dorm. Does my early move-in fee get waived?

MEP will cover the early move-in fees assessed by the Private Certified Housing residencies.

I live in town and will commute in the Fall. Can I still attend EMBARK?

Of course! You may wish to contact us to discuss evening activities.

I am in a Living Learning Community. Which program do I attend?

EMBARK will probably not have a time conflict with LLC orientations so you have time to do both! Let us know if there are time conflicts you'd like to resolve.

I already registered to say I was attending EMBARK, but I marked something wrong. What do I do?

Don’t worry. If you receive your email confirmation and realize that for some reason there has been a change in your registration, email MEP@engineering.illinois.edu with your name and the mistake, and we will help.