World Showcase Series

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The World Showcase Series highlights a selected country, continent, region, or cultural group with a celebration that displays its customs, traditions, languages, religion, and more. There will be two world showcase series per semester (four a year). The series will be celebrated in the following: a cultural night, religious celebration, cooking demo, etc

Join us for our next 'World Showcase Series' event

Did you know some of the Mexican and Latin American cuisine was influenced by Arab immigrants? Want to learn more about 'Al Pastor' and the Lebanese influence on Mexican food?  Come and join us to learn more.

*Tacos al Pastor and Shawarma will be provided! All are welcome!

Upcoming Events

September  | TBA

Arab Influence in Mexican Cuisine: From Shawarma to Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al pastor, a popular Mexican street food, is considered to be a major contribution of Lebanese immigrants to Mexican cuisine. The dish's cooking technique, which involves rotating meat over an open flame, is based on the lamb doner of Lebanese immigrants. The immigrants adapted the technique to fit in with Mexican cultural customs while maintaining their heritage.

@Salaam Cultural Center & La Casa Cultural Latina

November | TBA

Travel Around the World Fair

Travel Around the World in a cultural fair, highlighting the various countries/cultures represented on campus. This fair will include food, music & dance and a ‘traditional attire’ fashion show. This event will take place during International Education Week.

@Illini Union

February | TBA

Celebrating Africa!

Celebrating Africa! will bring students, faculty, and staff together with the vibrant African community at UIUC. There will be food, music & dance, artisans, and more! It is a wonderful opportunity to engage with UIUC's African community, Center for African Studies staff & faculty, and local community.

@Illini Union

March | TBA

Grainger & Salaam Annual Iftar

Engineering International Student Programs (EISP) and Salaam MENA Cultural Center will host an annual Iftar dinner during Ramadan, where international students and domestic students come together to enjoy a night of food, tea/coffee and conversation! Delicious food will be provided to break the fast.

@Salaam MENA Cultural Center


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