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About Us

The University of Illinois Rube Goldberg Team was started during Fall 2008 to compete in collegiate Rube Goldberg Machine contests. Each spring we participate in a competition held at Purdue University against other teams from universities around the country. Contests serve as a way of challenging traditional solutions to problems and are great ways to spur innovative creativity in engineers and imaginative thinkers.

In addition to competing, Rube Goldberg Society remains a popular exhibit at Engineering Open House, where we demonstrate our machines to hundreds of people in the community. We also provide demonstrations to local schools to promote STEM interest, and have fun social events for our members throughout the year.


Regional/National Competition held at Purdue University, where we placed Second in 2019!


We show off our competition and demo machines at Engineering Open House every spring, where we get hundreds (to thousands) of visitors.

Community Outreach

We help children create their own Rube Goldberg machines to promote STEM and creativity in youth.

Members Benefits

Practice engineering skills outside of the classroom

Rube is a great place to use technical skills and theories learned in class in a real-life application. You also learn how to use tools!

Use creative problem-solving

Building a Rube Goldberg machine is months of trial-and-error, for which we need fun and creative solutions!

Have fun and make friends

Join a relaxed and fun environment where everyone is appreciated! We have social events such as movie nights, trips to Curtis Orchard, and trivia contests!