RSO Funding

Funding your student organization at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) can be a multifaceted endeavor. UIUC offers several avenues for financial support, making it accessible for RSO's to thrive. The Engineering Council (EC), the Engineering Design Council (EDC), Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF), and the University of Illinois Foundation (UIF) are essential resources for securing funding through UIUC. Externally, RSO's are able to gain sponsorships from companies and community partners. These funding channels can empower RSOs at UIUC to foster a vibrant campus community and pursue their diverse missions.


UIF Resources

Here are some resources to assist your RSO in your fund raising efforts. They include information about utilizing your University of Illinois Foundation (UIF) gift account and accessing your Banner ledger 6 spending account. There is also information about how to setup a personalized secure online giving link specific to your organization's gift account.

Please contact UIF credit card signup group ( for testing and help setting up these links.

Finally, there is information on determining if your sponsorship benefits include any non-gift benefits that need their fair market value determined before the donations can be processed. Please feel free to reach out to UIF, Office of Undergraduate Programs, and the Advancement Office if you have any questions.


RSO Fund Raising

Learn how to raise money for your RSO through fund raising and getting sponsorships!

Gift & Non-Gift Overview

Know the difference between Gift and Non-Gift donations and what they entail for your RSO.

UIF Online Giving Instructions

Check out how companies can donate directly on your own website!

SORF Funding

The Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF) is used to help fund programs and/or services of Registered Student Organizations.

They can provide up $5,000/yr to any Registered Student Organization. Below are links to learn more about how to apply and receive SORF funding.


Funding and Standards

Learn about the funding application, requirements, and types available.

SORF Webpage

Main page to access any SORF-pertinent information.

Application Deadlines

Learn when to apply for SORF to ensure your organization receives proper funding

EDC Funding

To receive funding from the Engineering Design Council, you must submit the following by September 18, 2023:

  • Engineering Design Council Funding Proposal
  • 2-minute video highlighting your group and project

After you submit the above by the deadline, you will be contacted to present a presentation (as well as the 2-minute video) in front of the committee and be asked questions relating to your project, group, and requested funding as well as concerns regarding to safety.


EDC Webpage

Learn what is necessary for your proposal in order to receive funding for the 2022-2023 school year for your RSO.

Submit Proposal and Video

Once you complete the proposal and video, submit it here!


Along with the 2-minute video, you must present to the board about your project.
You will be contacted about this after you submit your proposal.

EC Funding


Reach out to your RSO President. All RSO's presidents are able to apply for EC funding for their organization.

External Sponsorships Resources

One of the most lucrative sources of funding an RSO can receive is through externals sponsorships from companies, alum, etc.. Some tips to get your org this funding includes:

  • Understand your audience and your members. What type of organization are you? What kind of students make up your organization (Year, Major, Demographic)? What resources do you need (Money, parts, equipment)?
  • Develop a packet to give to sponsors showcasing what your club has accomplished/wants to accomplish with their support!