Phi Sigma Rho

Alpha Epsilon Chapter

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"Together We Build The Future"

Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority for women in engineering and engineering technology

Our Core Values


There are many different reasons to join a sorority, but at the top of the list is likely sisterhood. Our sisterhood cultivates friendship, creating a network of sisters who guide us and strengthen our lives. Our sisters' commitment to one another is enriched through shared values and everlasting devotion. Our rituals connect our hearts and minds, forming strong friendships that last beyond college.


Our sisterhood was founded for women in a rigorous academic program - engineering - making academic excellence and professional success in an already formidable and male-dominated field even harder. Our sisterhood focuses on providing assistance and encouragement to all sisters as they accomplish their academic and career goals. The aid from sisters with similar majors and classes is priceless.


Everyone experiences tough times, but your sisters will always be understanding and supportive. Our members inspire each other to try harder and do better in all that they do. Our sisters provide constant support to one another through both the challenges and victories. We are forever linked through our sisterhood, a shared bond that inspires and encourages each of us to continually reach our goals.