Welcome to The Grainger
College of Engineering!

This page is specifically for you, the newly admitted student. This page is intended to complement everything you are getting from our Office of Admissions and other information from The Grainger College of Engineering. Please reach out to us with questions (contact us). We are here to be part of your success.

MEP Staff

1. Accept your admission!

2. Subscribe to MEP411-High School. This is an information blog for rising college students (still in high school). Click on the link to view the entire listing.

3. Register for Freshman courses. Meet with advisor for information on courses.

Student Voices

"As someone who was in EMBARK and involved in MEP events, it has been essential to motivating me through college and meeting friends... In the SHPE high school outreach event for seniors, I loved answering questions that students had and interacting with them."

"The tips and skills that they help us develop in order to be successful college students are extremely beneficial as they help us plan everything out as to what we want to accomplish during our college years."

"I really think MEP was very helpful, and if I ever have the opportunity to be a Learning or Teaching Assistant for the [MEP Mentoring] course, I would be glad to take it. Being able to help those in the future with the same experience I had could inspire."

"The major strengths of this [MEP Mentoring] course were its ability for students to voice their opinions and the sense of camaraderie. [MEP was] a great source of motivation and really helped me push through this difficult semester."

When referring to Dean Favila and the MEP Mentoring class:

"It was clear that Ivan was passionate and eager to help us have a successful life at UIUC and beyond once we begin our careers. Whenever I had qualms about the class or questions about how UIUC operates, he was always the first person that I'd reach out to and he would always give me an understanding and helpful response. This dependability and trust really made it exciting to attend class each week, and the class content was all topics that I was eager to learn from."