Welcome to The Grainger College of Engineering!

This page is specifically for you, the newly admitted student. This page is intended to complement everything you are getting from our Office of Admissions and other information from The Grainger College of Engineering. Please reach out to us with questions (contact us). We are here to be part of your success.

MEP Staff

Admitted to Illinois - Start Here!

1. Accept your admission!

2. Visit campus on Illini Days.

3. Mark your calendar! (TBD) Participate in an overnight High School Visitation program hosted by our student organizations.

4. Subscribe to MEP411-High School. This is an information blog for rising college students (still in high school). Below are the latest listings. Click on the link to view the entire listing.

Once You Accept Your Offer Of Admission:

  • Engineering Freshman Checklist
  • New student registration: We will help you make the most of this experience.
  • EMBARK and other “early move-in programs”: Get a running start through these programs!
  • Course Selection: You’ve never been in college before… that’s OK, we know what to do. We’ll help you get started the right way! We will cover course selection, our MEP mentoring classes, and special opportunities for first-year students.
  • Engineering Advising Wiki