Advising Resources for Undergraduate Grainger Engineers

Walk in Advising

206 Engineering Hall

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Fall/Spring: Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 11:45am & 1pm - 4:30pm

Winter/Summer: Monday - Friday: 10am - 11:45 am & 2pm - 3:45pm

The best time of day to see an advisor in Engineering Hall 206 is shown in the graph. Lighter (green), moderate (orange) and heavy (red) traffic patterns during an average day. We encourage you to come during a lighter traffic time period to more quickly accommodate your needs.

Be Successful!

We expect that as a student, you check your degree audit ( and keep track of your credit and progress each semester. Use the Roadmap to Graduation (image on right) to minimize your stress and graduate successfully!

For details on advising needs, please visit our main advising page:


To ensure success as an Undergraduate Grainger Engineer, students should work with advisors in both their department and at the College office (Eng Hall 206). The College's expectations of both students and advisors are found below.


Grainger Engineering Undergraduate Student Responsibilities

Grainger Engineering, Eng Hall 206 Advisor Responsibilities

*Check your email often

*Respond to student requests in a timely manner

*Respond to College emails as required

*Update College website often with timely information

*Review and plan for College and Campus deadlines

*Be familiar with College and Campus policies

*Communicate College and Campus deadlines

*Be knowledgeable about College and Campus policies

*Treat others with respect

*Treat students with empathy and fairness

*Come to advising meetings prepared

*Create a welcoming advising space

*Ask questions and follow advice

*Provide accurate, up-to-date information

*Review your degree audit at the start of each semester

*Collaborate with major Departments to support degree completion