Aerospace Outreach Society

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About Us

Our major objective is to create outreach opportunities for local area students in the field of Aerospace Engineering by exposing students to ideas and practices in physics and engineering. To support this objective, we aim to create projects and events that support learning and are engaging for students k-12. We intend to collaborate with the Aerospace Engineering Department, other Aerospace RSO's and local community members to improve our program content and reach new audiences. We want to foster an environment within our undergraduate and graduate student culture that encourages volunteering in local education.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about having us do an event, you can reach us by email at or message us here.









Membership Benefits

Members get experience working with elementary and high school students and develop teaching and leadership skills. They also make connections with other like-minded students who want to make an impact on the lives of younger students and encourage them to pursue their interest in STEM.

Events & Activities

From classroom visits to hosting out own Air and Space Fair, members have the opportunity to get involved in many ways.


Members get hands-on experience working with children and develop important skills like communication.


Members get to know others with similar interests and passions.

Our Team

There are no officers.