• Agenda

    * Activities will allow 10-minutes to walk to the next activity (if necessary)
    3:00PM Check-In Illini Union Ballroom
    (2nd floor)
    3:30PM Welcome
    4:00PM Icebreaker (Students)
      Q&A and Parent Networking
    5:00PM Parents/Guests goodbyes

    6:30PM Introduction of design project
    8:00PM Expectations & First Impressions (Jamboard)
    8:45PM Student Reflection
    9:00PM Groups to residence halls  
    <8:00AM Breakfast Your Residence Hall
    8:30AM M- 3M Group Project DCL 2320
      E- Renewable Energy Demo ECEB 4070
      P- 3M Insight NHB 2078
    10:00AM Keynote: Silvia Perez Siebel 1404
    11:30AM Group Photo Monumental Study Steps at CIF
    12:15PM Lunch (Dept/Advisor Mixer) ISR (Reserved Section)
    1:30PM P- 3M Group Project DCL 2320
      M- Renewable Energy Demo ECEB 4070
      E- 3M Insight NHB 2078
    3:00PM Student Reflection EH 1st floor classrooms
    3:30PM Myths about College  
    4:30PM Computer Orientation activities EH 406B1 and EH 406B8
    6:00PM Dinner Your Residence Hall
    7:00PM Scavenger Hunt Various quads
    <8:00AM Breakfast Your Residence Hall
    8:30AM E- 3M: Group Project DCL 2320
      P- Renewable Energy Demo ECEB 4070
      M- 3M: Insight NHB 2078
    10:00AM Student Reflection Grainger Engineering Library, West Wing
    10:15AM EMBARK visits CARE Grainger Engineering Library, West Wing
    11:00AM EMBARK Group Reflection Loomis Lab 151
    12:00PM Closing Lunch (with UPO Staff) ISR (Reserved Section)
    DCL (Digital Computing Laboratory)  
    ECEB (Electrical and Computer Engineering Bldg)  
    NHB (Natural History Building)  
    EH (Engineering Hall)  



    • Enjoys board games. Favorite?
    • Enjoys cooking or baking. Best dish?
    • Enjoys gardening or plants. Favorite?
    • Enjoys solving Rubik's cubes or puzzles. Most unique?
    • Has a collection of something unique. Describe.
    • Has a favorite engineering-related podcast. Describe.
    • Has a favorite engineering-related YouTube channel. Describe.
    • Has a favorite inspirational quote. Describe.
    • Has an exotic pet Describe.
    • Has an unusual family tradition. Describe.
    • Has volunteered for a community service project. Describe.
    • Is a fan of science fiction movies or books. Favorite?
    • Is an aspiring entrepreneur. Describe.
    • Is passionate about renewable energy. Describe.
    • Knows calligraphy. Show.
    • Knows martial arts Describe.
    • Loves watching TED Talks. Favorite?
    • Met a celebrity Describe.
    • Plays a musical instrument. Describe.
    • Ran in a marathon. Describe.
    • Speaks more than one language fluently. Describe.
    • Wearing funny socks right now. Show.
    • Went viral online. Describe.
    • Will visit the ARC regularly. Describe.


  • Reflection Prompts

    1: Are you ready for the college experience? What did I come to the U of I to achieve? What does it mean to you? Write about the impact you want to make in the world as an engineer and how you envision your academic career unfolding to allow you get that started.
    2: Think about your upcoming college experience. What are your strengths? In what areas do you need support?
    3: The habits and approaches you had in high school got you to college but will not get you through college. The successful engineering student embraces the college learning process through persistence, adaptation, and learning from mistakes. Reflect on times where you've had to work through difficult problems and found solutions-- both academically an in other areas or your life.


  • Scavenger Hunt

    UIUC's Public Affairs hasn't updated their webpage on all of the historical markers on campus. Here is one....can you find the others?
    Illite and Clay Mineralogy (West side of Natural History Building)
    A leading research of clay minerals (which constitute 40% of all sedimentary rock), Professor Ralph Early Grim discovered the mineral illite and opened a new field of geological study, clay mineralogy. Grim's work led to important advances in soil mechanics and new industrial uses of clay minerals in oil refining, drilling and ceramics.
    The correct response to "Who are We?" is 020301 010104 020101.


    Share photos of your findings and journey here. https://go.illinois.edu/EMBARKpix

    Pose, smile, and notice your surroundings!

    Take a bus... picture proof required.

    Find a statue or two...Quinn, Bob, Woolly, Bionic Hand, Red, Butkus... there are others.

  • End of EMBARK


    Please give us your feedback about the experience. We had a few short days with each other and we did our best to welcome you to campus. Let us know your thoughts to help EMBARK be the best it can!

    What to do after EMBARK?
    • Finish unpacking
    • Walk your schedule
    • Take a bus or two.
    • Explore the various recreational places on campus
    • Look up your courses for textbook information
    • Sign up for MEP's Canvas!


    Share photos of your EMBARK experience here. https://go.illinois.edu/EMBARKpix