Student Opportunities


2023 WERC Environmental Design Contest

Undergraduates will work on real-world engineering projects designed by our partners in industry and government agencies. We design hands-on tasks, all of which require innovation. Students learn how they can have a positive impact on the environment–regardless of their field of engineering! In addition, they get to see how teams from other universities solved the task, and they are mentored by the judges who are experienced engineers. Click the image below for more information on this opportunity!

TOM Fellowship Program

TOM @ University is a global network of student-led innovation communities on university and college campuses working to improve people’s lives by making affordable open-source technology accessible to all.

​TOM's student-led communities harness the skills and creativity of students and faculty, along with the fabrication capabilities on their campus to create innovative solutions for neglected challenges faced by people with disabilities, the elderly and more.

Video about the TOM Fellowship Program

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Video about TOM and the PJ prosthesis on CNN International