Student Highlight

The Morrill Engineering Program (MEP) prides itself in its students’ journey. Here you will find our most recent student highlight, where you get to learn more about MEP students’ experiences.

Savannah Pagan

April 2021
Electrical Engineering, Class of 2024

New this year both to the university and to MEP, Savannah has quickly worked to ensure she is utilizing every opportunity available to her at UIUC to the fullest of her extent. Savannah shares her ideas and unique perspective with everyone she meets and when passionate about her cause, she perseveres and ensures that her goal is accomplished.  In her free time, Savannah enjoys running, reading, 3D printing, painting, and when she’s home, taking care of her flock of 16 chickens. She also writes a newsletter publication called Out of My Mind and runs her own personal website.

Currently Savannah is a part of SHPE’s New Member Roundtable, and has helped plan events such as the recent 24-hour RT Telethon. As a member of the MEP Welcome Committee as well, she has played an essential role in reaching out to new students and welcoming them both to Grainger and to Illinois.  Her other involvements include working as a Grainger senator in the Illinois Student Government (ISG) and within the Illinois Geometry Lab (IGL) as a researcher on patient hospital fall dynamics. She plans to spend her summer as a Grainger First-Year Experience (GFX) researcher in Juana Matos, Puerto Rico, aiding in global disaster sustainability through work on multiple projects.

Her favorite MEP events (so far) have been the various retreats and EMBARK, where she has met and connected with so many people. Savannah is excited to see where her next three years here at Illinois will take her.