Grainger Together: Fall 2020

We know this semester will be unique. And we are here to help.

How Can We help?

Weekly Highlights

Virtual & On-campus Activities

Looking for something to do around campus?  We've got you covered!  Check out the calendar as well as links to information for things you can do.  Click here to learn more!

Study Space

We encourage all students to find places beyond their dorms and apartments to study.  Classrooms are now available for use between classes and events.  Social distancing and safety requirements still apply.  Click here to learn more!

McKinley Health Center Events

McKinley has great events scheduled to keep you active and healthy!  In the schedule you will see virtual runs, flu shot updates, nutrition coaching, relaxation remedies, meal prep series, mindful mondays, and more!  Click here to learn more!

About Us

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration across campus have worked tirelessly to ensure our new normal will allow each and every one of us to overcome the challenges COVID_19 has presented all of us. We will continue to embrace the “Power of Community” in our virtual world. We will learn new skills that will only add to our toolbox for lifelong learning.

Where to find more help