The GFX faculty and staff are committed to your success. We are part of the Undergraduate Programs Office of The Grainger College of Engineering.

Build Community.

The Grainger Engineering First-Year Experience is an interdisciplinary program designed to enhance the learning experience of every first-year student in Grainger Engineering. Your aspirations are respected, supported, and fostered within the programmatic initiatives that lay a solid foundation for their collegiate career. It kicks off with Launch!, the official welcome event to Grainger Engineering, the Saturday before classes begin. Then proceeds with courses, events, and sub-programs that build community and help students build a strong sense of engineering identity.

Celebrate Diversity.

Our differences are a source of new perspective and potential. If we hope to solve the grand challenges of our time, then building community and celebrating diversity is essential. GFX values students of different abilities, ages, colors, philosophies, gender orientations, cultures, nationalities, family backgrounds, personal styles, life and educational experiences.

Create Leaders.

We want education to enhance creativity in ways that help graduates become international leaders who envision innovations addressing society's challenges; leaders who imagine and implement new ideas with impact. GFX aims to help students own their education, enhance their creativity, and maximize their innovation potential.