Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join GFX?

    You do not have to "join" GFX. All first-year students in are a part of this program. We are a service office, like the International Programs in Engineering (IPENG) or Engineering Career Services (ECS). We serve all first-year engineering students.

  • Where are you located?

    The GFX office is in Rm. 3260 in the Digital Computer Laboratory.

  • Is this a student organization?

    No, we are under the direction of The Grainger College of Engineering, part of the Office of Undergraduate Programs.

  • What is the point of Launch! and why is it important that I attend?

    Launch introduces you to other students and to Grainger Engineering. You will learn how you can make the most of your education, while meeting new friends, professors, and deans. This three-hour event also serves as the introduction to the eight-week ENG 100 course that is required for all first-year engineering students.

  • What are GFX elective courses and why should I enroll in one?

    GFX elective courses are specially designed to give first-year engineering students a more in-depth look into real-world engineering, and are highly encouraged to diversify your engineering education.

  • When can I register for GFX elective courses?

    You can register for the GFX 12-week elective courses when you are signing up for the rest of your classes during Summer Registration. As long as there are seats available, you may add GFX electives until the fourth week of classes. This is a special situation as GFX electives start the fifth week of the semester. Most typical, semester-long classes can only be added up through the 10th day (second week) of class.