ENG 177: Spatial Visualization

In this course, students will practice and improve their abilities to mentally manipulate three-dimensional objects.


Course Information

Although almost everyone uses spatial visualization on a daily basis, certain careers prioritize this skill. Engineers are possibly one of the most notable examples of professionals who use spatial visualization every day. This course will focus on developing students’ spatial visualization skills through a combination of in-person and online modules, reflections, and fun activities.

Well-developed spatial visualization skills have been shown to be excellent predictors of success in STEM fields. Additional research has shown that spatial visualization skills can be dramatically improved with dedicated training and practice. This course provides a structured opportunity for students to engage in improving the visualization skills that will be helpful throughout their engineering careers.

Student Perspectives

"ENG 177 has greatly improved my ability to visualize a variety of objects from two to three dimensional objects. It has also increased my ability to create and interpret technical drawings. Not only that, but it has helped me perfect this important skill needed for my engineering career." - Civil Engineering student

"The Spatial Visualization class helps train students in problem solving, critical thinking, and spatial awareness, and I highly recommend all newly admitted engineering students to take it." - Aersopace Engineering student

"The class was a great novel experience for me and exposed me to a side of engineering I had never known before." - Systems Engineering and Design student