Completing this Assignment:

Attend one of the approved global, intercultural, or leadership training events listed below.

After attending the event, write a short (1 page, 250 word) reflection that addresses all of the following questions:

1) Which event or activity did you attend? Why did you pick that one?

2) What did you expect this event to be like before you went? What was it actually like? In other words: did this event meet or exceed your expectations? How?

3) Would you recommend this event or activity to a friend? Please explain why or why not.

4) What was your biggest takeaway from attending this event or activity?

To complete this assignment, pick one of the options below to complete the assignment by the deadline.

You only need to complete/attend one event.

NOTE: You must RSVP to an event in the hyperlinked GSP site. Be sure to check if you are required to register for the event through a second site or need to pick up an entrance ticket. It is your responsibility to review for this information. All events posted here are hosted by other units on campus.

Option 1: Attend A Study Abroad Info Session!

11/29 Grainger Study Abroad 101

11/30 Grainger Study Abroad 101

Option 2:  Lunch on Us! Food is first-come, first-served

12/6 Kwanzaa Celebration W/ BFAPA

Option 3:  Japan House Tea Ceremony. If you register and do not attend then your student account will be charged $14.

Option 4: Participate in a pre-approved Illinois Leadership Center Workshop (requires additional registration)

Option 5: Campus Cultural Events & Workshops. Any events with food are first-come, first-served.

If you register and do not attend a Krannert event then your student account will be charged (amount varies by event)

11/29 Navigating American Service Culture: To Tip or Not To Tip?

11/29 Between Virtual Roles and Sovereign Worlds: Tribal Advisors in Historically White Institutions

11/30 Honoring the Spirit of Relation + Kinship with our Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ Relatives