Completing this Assignment:

Choose one category that you would like to explore. Then complete at least one of the events/activities listed. Afterward, reflect on your experience!

  • What did you attend/what activity do you participate in?
  • Was this a new experience for you?
  • How did you feel before you went? How did you feel afterwards? (ex. I was nervous about going, but once I was there I felt right at home.)
  • Do you think you'll visit again or get involved here? Why or why not?
  • What did you learn by going to this event/activity?

To complete this assignment, pick one of the options below to complete the assignment by the deadline.

You only need to complete/attend one event.

Option 1: Complete a First Steps Meeting with IPENG's Global Engineering Ambassadors!

Offered twice a week (M/Th) in person. Sign up here to attend a session on study abroad.

Option 2: Exchange Student Conversation Partners

Meet with some of our current exchange students and have a casual conversation. Offered four times in person from 5:00-6:00 PM. See here for exact dates and times.

Option 3:  Lunch on Us!

Visit one of the many cultural houses on campus For Lunch On Us!

See the variety of in person lunch events that count towards the "Try Something New" Assignment here.

Option 4:  Japan House Tea Ceremony

Sign up for one of 60 spots we have to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in person at the Japan House.

Option 5: Participate in the Global Learning & Leadership Workshop

This free workshop is happening on November 3rd in person through the IL Leadership Center. Click here to register and see more details.

Option 6: Campus Cultural Events & Workshops

See this list of other cultural events happening on campus that will count towards this assignment.