Get Advice &  Ask Questions

  • Meet with an adviser at least once a semester!
  • If you receive an email from the college or your department expressing concern about your progress, you are expected to respond!
  • Early intervention is critical.
  • ASK QUESTIONS ALONG THE WAY! It is never the wrong time or the wrong question to ask any adviser.

Manage your Time & Self-Monitor

  • Create a daily, weekly, and semester plan for yourself!
  • Ask yourself, "Are my study skills working for me?"
  • "Is the schedule I have set for myself working?"
  • "Do I know about all the resources available to me?"

Value Quality over Quantity & Work Lecture to Lecture

  • Quality grades and a balanced schedule is better than taking more hours and receiving less quality grades.
  • Work lecture-to-lecture not exam-to-exam. Do not let deadlines or exam dates drive your motivation and schedule. Working lecture-to-lecture will allow you to really learn the material, ask questions, and will eliminate unnecessary stress and frustration.