Counseling Center Workshops

Mindfulness Online Click to learn more, here
Feeling Overwhelmed and Looking to get “Unstuck?” Attend Recognition, Insight, and Openness (RIO) Online!

In Focus: Click here to learn more
Assists students who have ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms.

Perfectionism:  Click here to learn more
Explore the origins of perfectionism, examine the impact, & discuss better ways to manage a balanced life

RIO:  Click here to learn more
Offers students a chance to develop skills to recognize and understand their emotions and use mindfulness principles to regulate emotions and determine what changes they'd like to make in their lives. RIO stands for recognition, insight, and openness.

Test Anxiety:  Click here to learn more
Discusses effective ways to manage test anxiety and perform better on exams.

Time Management:  Click here to learn more
will help you reflect on how you prioritize, learn task-management and motivation strategies, and understand the importance of self-care and allowing yourself breaks.