Online Tutoring & Peer Advising

will end on 5/5, 2021

Tutoring & Peer Advising

Tutors and Peer Mentors are students who have shown distinction in the class room and demonstrate a high level of commitment to the University of Illinois. Excelling in both extracurricular activities and academics they serve as role models for their peers.

Who can we help? CARE tutoring focuses on courses students generally take in the 1st-4th semesters. Our tutoring team offers limited tutoring for more advance courses. You can email Dana Tempel if you need support in a course not listed on our schedule by course.

Schedule by Course

Make the most of our tutoring & peer advising! Use this traffic guide as a way to plan for your time with our tutors. If you have lots of questions or prefer quiet space you should consider light or moderate traffic times.