ARISE Welcome Committee

Nathalie Flores

First Year Student, Engineering Undeclared
I graduated from East Aurora High School in 2020. I'm glad to be in ARISE because it gives me a community of like-minded individuals who are experiencing the same things as me, so I don't feel lost. I am interested in Mechanical Engineering.

Albert Torres

First Year Student, Engineering Undeclared
I am a freshman interested in Civil Engineering. I graduated from ACERO Garcia in the South Side of Chicago. I play volleyball, enjoy hip-hop music, and love being involved. I'm glad I joined ARISE because of the great support system; it is a great community to get you started in your college career!

Cornell Horne

Second Year Student, Electrical Engineering
I love to draw, play basketball, and one day I'm going to own a Lamborghini, my dream car. I am a proud member of the ARISE program. ARISE is a big reason behind why I am doing so well in my college journey, because I benefit academically from the resources provided and socially because of the great community of students.

Sara Lamer

Second Year Student, Mechanical Engineering
I graduated from Jersey Community High School, about 40 minutes from St. Louis. I'm so happy I said yes to ARISE because it has helped me make connections with people who are willing to invest in my future successes and has given me some of my best friends at Illinois!

Umang Kalaria

Third Year Student, Computer Engineering
I enjoy being outdoors and playing tennis in my free time! I am grateful for ARISE which has helped guide me in my college career. The support and community of scholars helps build my network and make great friendships!

Lorena Escamilla

Third Year Student, Systems Engineering
I enjoy doing homework on the quad when it's nice outside! Joining ARISE was the best decision because I've become part of a great community and received so much support to be successful at UIUC.  Hope you will join us!