"As an ARISE Scholar, you are believed in and given the opportunity to demonstrate that a first generation person of color can attend and succeed in the College of Grainger Engineering, which is made possible by the ARISE support system."

Frida Viquez
ARISE Scholar '26

"As a student from a rural high school, I was nervous about coming to such a huge university, and doubly so about higher-level math and science courses. Thanks to ARISE, I've been able to thrive in the small, friendly cohorts, and have built a strong foundation in math and science."

Anthony Foli
ARISE Scholar '27

"ARISE gave me the chance to explore other majors and find something new that I wanted to pursue. ARISE also gave me my closest friends who have been my biggest support in both my academic and personal life. ARISE is a community."

Grace Cho
ARISE Scholar '26

"ARISE is the definition of perseverance as it gives students a second amazing opportunity at one's future. ARISE means to keep going even when all odds are stacked against you. Overall, ARISE has allowed me to achieve great success, not alone, but with my fellow peers as a family helping one another out."

Eric Nieto
ARISE Scholar '25

"As a first-generation college student, I knew coming in that I needed a supportive program that could provide me with guidance (both personally and professionally). The ARISE program has gone above and beyond by preparing its students with the tools necessary to succeed. I would not be where I am today without this amazing community!!"

Christina Garcia
ARISE Scholar '24

"ARISE has shown me the engineering ropes in a way that when I graduate, I will stand out from my peers, maybe not from having the best grades or the best job lined up, but I will know the true worth of the skills that I have made from orientation week to graduation day."

Aaron Perez Araya
ARISE Scholar '26

"ARISE is a blessing from Heaven. This program has benefitted me socially, with the great community of peers I have, academically, with the resources that was provided and financially, with all the scholarship help that I was given. God knew this was the right choice for me and I'm glad I ended up in ARISE."

Cornell Horne
ARISE Scholar '24

"ARISE means opportunity, for minorities and those of low-income backgrounds. Given second chances at our dreams, some opportunities ARISE has given me are otherwise unattainable. Traveling to Bolivia to be a part of something bigger than I, is one."

Tj Pickett-Pinex
ARISE Scholar '27

"While many people in ARISE see this program as a large community, I also see ARISE as a place for redemption. It's not every day second chances are given to you. Without ARISE, I wouldn't be a Grainger engineer and who knows if I still would be in Mechanical Engineering."

Jorge Jimenez
ARISE Scholar '25

"ARISE encourages me to develop academically and personally. Being in ARISE has helped me step out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for the mentors around me that I can go to if I have any questions."

Vanessa Blas
ARISE Scholar '23