"ARISE encourages me to develop academically and personally. Being in ARISE has helped me step out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for the mentors around me that I can go to if I have any questions."

Vanessa Blas, ARISE Scholar '23

"ARISE has given me both structure and support on my journey through college. With a huge focus on academic excellence and professional development, ARISE has put me on the path to a successful and trailblazing college experience."

-Kameren Williams, ARISE Scholar '23

“Being a part of the ARISE program has been beyond amazing for me. Through ARISE, I was given an opportunity to realize my potential and follow through with my dream of studying in the College of Engineering.”

— Oscar Zepeda, ARISE Scholar ’22

“ARISE has been an important/valuable resource in my transition into the university setting. The support provided by the mentors and faculty is overwhelmingly great.”

— Robert Raszweski, ARISE Scholar ’22

“At first, I was disappointed that I was not admitted into Mechanical Engineering. However, I soon realized that the ARISE program was a better fit for me. With the support of ARISE, I am able to explore different engineering majors and have access to resources that will allow me to choose an engineering major that I am passionate about.”

— Leotis Davenport, ARISE Scholar ’23

“ARISE has given me a unique opportunity to pursue my passion. I am glad that I am a part of this program. It provides a support system that includes the other ARISE scholars, as well as mentors and advisers.”

— Raefa Malik, ARISE Scholar ’22