Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How many students does ARISE accept each year?

    Cohorts vary size each year. In the past, our cohorts have been 20-25 students. With recent expansion efforts, we are expecting to welcome ~50 new ARISE students in Fall 2024.

  • How many students are currently in the program?

    There are five active cohorts matriculating through the program any given year giving us a community of around 130 ARISE Scholars on campus. Learn more about our students here.

  • How long does it take to graduate with the ARISE Program?

    Students admitted to the ARISE program historically have placed into pre-calculus (MATH 115), Preparatory Chemistry (CHEM 101), and Preparatory Physics (PHYS 100).  It is appropriate to expect 4.5-5 years to graduate compared to the average graduation time of 4.25 years for other engineering students. Placement may vary per individual student.

  • Do I have to attend the ARISE Summer Bridge?

    Yes, ARISE scholars are required to attend Summer Bridge. It is a great way to get your college education started on the right foot. ARISE Summer Bridge will allow you to move in early, get to know the campus, your peers, and develop effective engineering habits before school starts!

  • I plan on participating in ______ and it overlaps with ARISE. Am I still eligible?

    ARISE Scholars are expected to make ARISE the primary priority before other non-academic activities.

  • I didn't receive an admissions letter into ARISE. Can I still apply to be a part of the program?

    No. Starting Fall 2024, ARISE is a direct-admissions only program. The only way to be a part of the program is by receiving an admission to The Grainger College of Engineering on the condition the student participates in the ARISE program.

Engineering Questions

  • Are the ARISE students part of the Grainger College of Engineering?

    Yes! ARISE students are directly enrolled in The Grainger College of Engineering as Engineering Undeclared majors. ARISE students will select their major in their second year.

  • Is ARISE the same as the Engineering Undeclared program?

    No, ARISE and the Engineering Undeclared (EU) program are different, even though the students in both programs are Engineering Undeclared majors. Here is the comparison:

  • What majors are available to ARISE students?

    ARISE students are eligible for all majors in The Grainger College of Engineering. These include:
    - Aerospace Engineering
    - Agricultural and Biological Engineering
    - Bioengineering
    - Chemical Engineering
    - Civil Engineering
    - Computer Engineering
    - Computer Science
    - CS + Bioengineering
    - CS + Physics
    - Electrical Engineering
    - Engineering Mechanics
    - Environmental Engineering
    - Industrial Engineering
    - Materials Science and Engineering
    - Mechanical Engineering
    - Neural Engineering
    - Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
    - Physics
    - Systems Engineering and Design

    We encourage you to visit the Majors and Minors page to learn more about each one.

  • Is there a chance that I do not get my first choice of major?

    We expect that ARISE scholars will have access to their first-choice major. Exceptions to this will be discussed with scholars if they are not progressing toward their major or fulfilling ARISE Scholar Requirements.

  • I want to double major. Can I do that with ARISE?

    Yes, however we encourage ARISE students to focus on one major at a time.

  • I want to declare a minor. Can I do that with ARISE?

    Yes, however we encourage ARISE students to focus on their major. Several of our scholars have declared minors and graduated successfully.

Financial Questions

  • Does ARISE cost more?

    No, since ARISE Scholars are enrolled directly in The Grainger College of Engineering, they are subject to the same fees and tuition rates as non-ARISE engineering students. You can learn more about the upcoming Engineering rates through the website of the Office of the Registrar.

    Additionally, ARISE Scholars live in Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall. To view the costs of living in University Housing for the upcoming year, please check out the Housing Costs website.

  • Do ARISE students get more financial aid?

    The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) operates independently from the ARISE Program and ARISE Staff don't have access to student's financial records. To learn more about financial aid, please visit the OSFA website.

  • Will ARISE cover the expenses of moving in early for Summer Bridge?

    Yes, the program covers the early move-in fees for room and dining after successful completion of the Summer Bridge.

  • What financial support is available to ARISE Scholars?

    Each one of our students' financial situation is different; however, ARISE Scholars are eligible for the same scholarships and financial aid as any other engineering student. As a benefit of being a part of the program, they have access to other exclusive scholarships and funding through our program. We encourage our students to fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and to apply to the Scholarships for Continuing Students each year (starting their second year) to help cover their cost of attendance.

    Due to the population of students the ARISE Program targets, many of our students are part of Illinois Promise or Illinois Commitment.

Housing Questions

  • Do I have to live in Pennsylvania Avenue Residence (PAR) Hall?

    Yes, part of the ARISE experience is living in PAR with an ARISE roommate alongside the rest of the first-year cohort. This is a wonderful opportunity for peer support, community building, and social events.

  • Where will I be living during the Summer Bridge?

    Students will be living in Illinois Street Residence Hall for the duration of the summer bridge. There will be shuttles helping students move their belonging to their permanent dorm at the conclusion of the summer program.

  • Is ARISE a Living Learning Community (LLC)?

    No, ARISE is not an official Living Learning Community (LLC) but we function very similarly to one in the sense that we have a weekly class, social events, and students live together in the same dorm. We have a special arrangement with University Housing to make this possible.

  • Can I be a part of the ___ LLC and ARISE?

    No. Typically being a part of an LLC will require different living arrangements conflicting with those of the ARISE program.

  • Will I get assigned a roommate?

    Yes, your roommate will be another first-year ARISE student. You will fill out a form to help us determine a good roommate pairing for you.