Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply to the ARISE Program?

    ARISE students are invited to apply to the program based on their Grainger College of Engineering application. Applicants will be considered for ARISE after they have completed their application, accepted their Admissions to the University of Illinois, and have completed their Math and Chemistry placement tests.

  • Do I have to plan on 5 years to graduate with the ARISE Program?

    The ARISE program is a five-year program, beginning with a first year curriculum designed to develop students’ Math, Chemistry, and Academic Success Skills. In comparison to other students starting in the College of Engineering, the average graduation time is 4.2 years.

  • Are the ARISE students part of the Grainger College of Engineering?

    Yes! ARISE students are directly enrolled in the College of Engineering as “Engineering Undeclared.” ARISE students will select their major in the Spring semester of their second year in the program.

  • How many students are in the program?

    Each year we choose a group of 20-25 students to participate in the ARISE program. Cohort sizes vary from year-to-year.

  • If I am accepted, do I have to attend ARISE Orientation?

    Yes, ARISE scholars are required to attend orientation. It is a great way to get your college education started on the right foot. These specifically designed orientations will allow you to move in early, get to know the campus, your peers, and resources before school starts! ARISE Orientation date is the week before classes begin.

  • If I am accepted, do I have to live in Illinois Street Residence Hall?

    Yes, the community in ISR is a part of the ARISE experience. This is a wonderful opportunity for peer support and mentorship from other cohorts.

  • I plan on participating in __x___ and it overlaps with ARISE. Am I still eligible?

    ARISE scholars are expected to make ARISE the primary priority before other non-academic activities.

  • I took calculus in HS, must I take Pre-Calculus?

    Yes, Pre-Calculus is part of the specialized curriculum for ARISE that is designed to build and strengthen your academic preparation for core engineering coursework.

  • I want to double major. Can I do that with ARISE?

    Yes, however we encourage ARISE students to focus on one major at a time.

  • Is there a chance that I do not get my first choice of major?

    We expect that ARISE scholars will have access to their first-choice major. Exceptions to this will be discussed with scholars if they are not progressing toward their major, demonstrating interest, fulfilling core coursework, etc.