How to Use Zoom

Zoom is used to host a variety of virtual meetings. Explore how to set-up Zoom and some frequently asked questions.

Course Delivery via Zoom

Zoom may be used to host live virtual classes, review sessions, office hours or virtual study sessions. Students automatically have a Zoom account associated with their Illinois email address.

  • Download Zoom and learn more about Getting Started.
  • Test Zoom before your first lecture. If you have headphones and a microphone, make sure they are working properly.
  • Find the link to your class. Plan to join a few minutes early. Follow the instructions to join the audio and mute yourself and/or turn off your video. You can unmute when you want to talk. The instructor may record the lecture so that you can watch it later.
  • Communicate with your instructor in advance any exceptions you may need.
  • Communicate with others in your learning environment about your class schedule.
  • Reduce distractions in your workspace. Prepare to take notes as if you were in an in-person lecture.

Using Zoom for Class

  • Remember that your instructors and classmates can see you. Be aware of whatever is going on behind you.
  • Act as if you're in a classroom. Don't walk around or leave the room unless your instructor has said that is OK.
  • Has your instructor set any ground rules for their Zoom classroom? If so, be sure to read them. If not, it is OK to ask for some ground rules.
  • Some questions to ask (they may have different answers depending on the class):What are your expectations for class participation? Should I raise my hand digitally? Do you want us to use the chat function? Don’t assume you know the ground rules unless your professor has explicitly stated them.
    • What are the expectations for class participation?
    • Should I raise my hand digitally?
    • Should we use the chat function?
  • If you know your environment may include unavoidable distractions (e.g., people walking around, children, noise), consider letting your professor know ahead of time. At minimum, stay muted whenever you are not talking. You might also ask if it would be helpful to have your camera turned off.