ENG 177: Strategies for International Development

In this course, students will learn to think about projects in the context of international development.


Course Description

This course will introduce students to a community-based approach to international development in engineering projects. Through case studies, interactive projects, and hands-on workshops, students will learn the fundamentals of development work and technical skills that will guide them in future project work.


Student Experiences

“This class taught me to ask questions, to ask the right questions and be critical of things that have been around for so long. Now I look at a charity, how it functions, how it profits, and how much is it actually helping?”


“The professor had firsthand experience about everything we were talking about. Every single class, she would tell a story about something that happened to her or to her group. It makes us feel like this is something that is real.”


“It was different from any other course. Being in a room with all freshman students, we all know everyone is looking around for their friend group and good opportunities to meet other people.”