ENG 177: Leadership

In this course, students will learn about the concepts of communication leadership, presentation skills, and resolving interpersonal conflicts.


Course Description

Engineering leaders need to be technically proficient and knowledgeable. But the greatest leaders in engineering possess more than technical expertise to turn their ambitions and aspirations into reality. They display emotional intelligence, curiosity, a collaborative spirit, and a dedication to communicating their objectives and opinions clearly and concisely. This course will focus on building leadership skills through practice and peer-evaluation in a friendly, constructive atmosphere. Particular attention will be given to written and spoken communications, constructive dispute resolution, personal initiative, and entrepreneurial development for students who see themselves as future leaders of student organizations here at Illinois and in the workplace.


Student Experiences

“It’s a class everyone should take. It’s preparing you well for all the projects to come. It might lead you to take a leadership class at the leadership center. Give you a good foundation to grow your skills. If someone has a different idea from you, [it teaches you] to how to incorporate ideas from yours and theirs instead of arguing.”

“[Taking the Leadership course was a] nice way to put something in schedule that is something you enjoy.”

“It was a class I looked forward to going to every week.”

“It was a great introduction to idea range of communication leadership. Prepares you great for team projects, clubs, sports or talking to someone next to you in class. Creative and technical processes. It makes you a well-rounded engineer to think of it in your head but also communicate it to someone else.”

“It was fun and an interactive study of how to be a good leader and communicator. It took in the perspectives of different ideas.”