ENG 177: Grand Challenges

In this course, you interact with other students with similar interests to engage in an introductory experience to the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges.


Course Description

Together with your fellow students, you will learn about the National Academy of Engineering’s (NAE) “Grand Challenges.” As you journey through this course, we hope that you will keep the following questions in mind: How can I learn deeply about a Grand Challenge? What can I learn to enable my personal contributions to a Grand Challenge? How might I contribute to a Grand Challenge?


What are the Grand Challenges?

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has outlined 14 "Grand Challenges"- goals for improving life on the planet. These goals are centered around themes of sustainability, health, security and the joy of living. To learn more, visit the NAE's website.


Student Experiences

“The project goal was to throw out some ideas, and if it sounds possible, go for it.”

“This course has given us a deeper understanding of the multitude of factors hindering the development of solar energy. Researching about the solutions to increase the efficiency of solar panels has exposed us to the latest developments in this area, and taught us to consider the impacts of our solutions holistically in evaluating their feasibility.”

“Grand Challenges reminded me of my senior project back in high school for my engineering class, but in an 8-week time frame. You find a reason why to do [a project], do some research and find more reasons to justify your creation.”