ENG 177: GFX Projects

In this course, students will learn problem-solving strategies and build skills in group formation, project management, communication, and teamwork.


Course Description

The GFX Projects course is an exciting introduction to engineering design and project management. Small teams of students work together to define, execute, and deliver a project of their own selection. In addition to working on their project, each team will participate as a panel review board for other project teams. The expectation is that you will gain professional skills and experiences in design, communication, teamwork, collaboration, project management, project execution, and project oversight. Students will have access to the Projects Lab to work on their prototypes.


Student Experiences

“I think this is a great class especially for freshmen- it gets them exposed and prepares them for internships and jobs in the future because there’s a lot of teamwork. I think it’s a great course in that sense and I had a lot of fun, making the project coming up with ideas and buying the parts.”

“My group consisted of [different majors] which was really cool for our group because everyone had different interests and could have a different role…yet we still had cohesive group.”


“I got to learn that human centered design is not just about solving problems but including the human perspective throughout the process.”

"I think the class is ideal for someone who hasn’t done a lot of project work because it is process oriented. You do make something by the end of it, but most of that work in the class during the semester is learning about how to get to that point.”‎

"Our group would show up the earliest and stay the latest of any group in the class. We had people 3D printing gears, mechanical parts that link up- it was a really good experience."


“You can make whatever you want, but how is that going to affect other people outside your own imagination and what is the impact on people?”

“That whole [customer discovery] process was so cool to me, I decided to take the idea and enter into COZAD. I have a mentor from the Siebel Center for Design who is helping me work through it.”