ENG 177: Career Ready

In this course, students will gain exposure to the resources and skills to help them become career ready.


Course Description

Fact: employers want more than your technical skills. In this class you will gain access to exclusive networking opportunities and tools that will help you be intentional in creating an action plan over the next 6 semesters to develop skills employers want.


Student Experiences

“I found [the course] to be really useful and something I definitely can use throughout the rest of my life; interview skills, resume skills are something you’re going to need forever.”

“I wanted to do the work for this class more because I felt that it would help me later on. [It taught me] information I can take and use for the rest of my life.”

“[The course] opened up the idea of joining a more professional RSO and how that looks on resumes, [as well as the] experience you can get from that.”