Research Scholars

As a GFX Research Scholar, you will actively explore research interests and opportunities to jump start your research career.

Lab Tours

Explore pictures and experiences from different labs!

Student Experiences

Hear from past scholars about what they learned!

Research scholars are given guidance and resources to begin their research journey, gain an understanding of the research process, and connect research to relevant social issues.

  1. Fall Semester

    Take a 1-credit hour course to discover areas of research and prepare you to apply for research opportunities on and off campus. You will learn about the research process and how to articulate your research interests.

  2. Spring Semester

    Join lab tours and workshops that expose you to possibilities of your future as a researcher! You will learn about various research groups, centers, and institutes across campus.

  3. Learning Through Inquiry

    As a GFX Research Scholar, you will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to secure valuable undergraduate research experiences.