Projects Scholars

As a GFX Projects Scholar, you will work in small teams on real engineering projects led by experienced staff of the Grainger College of Engineering.

Project Highlights

Explore pictures and experiences from previous Projects Scholars cohorts!

Student Experiences

Hear from past scholars about what they learned!

Fall Semester

Take the 2-credit hour Projects Course and work on a project in collaboration with local schools!

Spring Semester

Continue your project work through additional workshops or courses focused on innovation, leadership, and design.

Project Management Competencies

GFX Projects Scholars will develop problem-solving and project management strategies while building skills in communication and teamwork!

Course Information

GFX Projects Scholars will be working in collaboration with local K-8 schools to incorporate principles of collaborative design and the creation of play products. You and your cohort of fellow scholars will learn problem-solving strategies and build skills in group formation, project management, communication, and teamwork. The subject of the projects will help you explore your interests and aspirations. Projects may be of your own creation or chosen from an instructor prepared list.