Leadership Scholars

As a GFX Leadership Scholar, you will develop leadership skills and connect with alumni leaders. This scholar experience will discuss topics related to leadership development and prepare you for future work as a leader.

Student Experiences

Hear from past scholars about what they learned!

Fall Semester

This 1-credit hour course provides you with the opportunity to learn about topics that today's leaders need to achieve and maximize their impact.

Spring Semester

In the spring semester, you will participate in workshops and activities with the Illinois Leadership Center to continue developing your leadership skills and make progress toward the Leadership certificate.

Lifetime Leadership Mindset

As a GFX Leadership Scholar, you will be prepared to act as a leader in the classroom, student organizations, and your future career!

Course Information

The course will focus on the leadership competencies, attributes, and values supported by the Illinois Leadership Center. The course will include guest speakers sharing their experiences as leaders while discussing topics such as communication, collaboration, advocacy, and emotional intelligence. Students will learn more about themselves as leaders and how to apply their competencies in teams, organizations, and their community.